KurukhTimes.com to be the next guide to Kurukh Society : Toppo Couple


It is believed that a man is the product of his own environment, thereby his personality takes shape in accordance with his thought process, language he speaks and the way he behaves with others. On the very same way the progress and advancement of a community largely depends upon its philosophy of life, linguistics potentials and the literary tastes and habits. Hence language plays a critical role in determining the direction its people are moving ahead.

Khudiram Toppo & Alice Purnima Kachchhap

As far as Kurukh language is concerned, it has an ancient lineage of Dravidian linguistic family, having a lot of common denominator with Brahui and its sub division into Maler and Kisan dialects, Kurukh as, a vibrant language it bears some unique abilities to sustain itself by constantly enriching and accommodating values from other languages as well as it has time tested, self-regulative styles and well organized grammar, hence it is developed the ability to protect itself from the mainstream languages and the lingua franca of the neighboring regions.

We wish the Kurukhtimes.com has to play pivotal role in the growth and development of Kurukh language in the years to come. The website can offer itself as a platform of a knowledge portal by enriching itself as a source of digital archive covering the vast Kurukh wisdom through the study materials, Digital library, Research papers, Literary critics, lectures, Videos, Various images and Graphics etc. And then the Kurukhtimes.com may definitely be the guide of the next generation of Kurukh speakers in India as well as Kurukh Diaspora across the globe.

Khudiram Toppo
(Ex Principal)
Kendriya Vidyalaya Ahmedabad Region
Alice Purnima Kachchhap
Kendriya Vidyalaya Ahmedabad
Cantt, Gujarat.